About us

The founder,


Engineer Michael Poddighe was born in Ludwigshafen (Mannheim – Germany) on September 24th 1967 from a Venetian mother (teacher) and Sardinian father (chemist). It certainly embodies the precision, creativity and tenacity of its origins. He graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1993. At the age of 11 he was programming in quick basik and as a boy he was involved in the design and implementation of microautomations with PLC.

He immediately started working in the cash flow management sector, in particular that of ATMs and BANCOMAT, dealing with the design and construction of automatic cash machines. After 25 years of growing experience as a project manager in Italtel, Solymatic (Credit Agricol) and NCR (leader in banking automation), he decided to set up SecurSafe to cover a still very uncovered segment of cash flow management: of cash handling at points of sale.


It grows from the technical department to the development of new solutions, generating new workrounds to increase productivity, to improve the achievement of customers’ KPIs (banks).


In particular, as a manager of NCR Corporation, a leading company in the world of money automation, deals with an important R & D segment in companies with Fujitsu, developing new forms for accepting cash and checks, still in use in most of the world’s banks and securities.


As a team leader, “BEST 0” follows the group of the best 60 technicians located in 25 countries of the European Union, with whom they will complete the upgrade of all fifth generation ATMs, those currently used by Banks throughout the world. He will take care of listening to the customer experience by transferring it to his team colleagues in Scotland at the R & D Headquarters contributing to the birth of the new cross industry technology platforms.


At the same time, PODDIGHE will accompany the design of automatic cash machines to top-level customers in the world of retail, self-checkout project that will lead to the installation of the same in thousands of units.

In particular, this project will lead him to develop a new vision of cash flow management, imagining the widespread distribution of cash in / out cash dispensers.

After leaving NCR Poddighe spent two years developing the cash / in / out machines to be installed at the points of sale.

SecurSafe is the new reality to which the engineer confers all the know-how and financial contribution to start the company, being able to enjoy consolidated credit and trust from numerous strategic customers and suppliers, acquired in over twenty years career.


Poddighe has developed important solutions for many banking institutions and we mention only a few: Intesa San Paolo, Unicredit, Banco Popolare di Milano, UBI Banca, Popolare di Verona, Poste Italiane, about twenty cooperative credits and about fifty rural banks.

Today, SecurSafe is a company that produces high technology and security solutions, made in Italy, using the top of the range of components dedicated to the validation and counting of money.

It governs and creates dedicated software connectors, from and to the main money authentication codes (KNOX ADAM, ABS, WOSA).